The Piano Pen – Jazz Hands

A glossy black finish and curves evocative of a grand piano combine with dynamic hands flashing across the keyboard to arouse the musician in all of us. Like a classical musical composition, just 1 1/2 quick turns of the cap reveal a beautiful #6 size nib, ready to glide your thoughts smoothly onto paper.

Your fingers move down the barrel, first noticing the texture of the keys, then settling easily onto the substantial gripping section. No sharp step-down or rough threads detract from the writing pleasure. Every element of this pen helps your mental notes flow into a pleasing opus.

The Chromatic Scale Edition is limited to just twelve pens, one for each note of the scale (C, D, Eb, F, F#, etc.). Each pen is signed by the designer, John Hubbard, and marked with its note. A #6 14K gold nib by JoWo of Germany, in a choice of widths, ensures an excellent writing experience.
You have a choice of notes but only one of each note will be made.

The Keyboard Edition consists of 88 pens, one for each key on the standard piano keyboard. Each pen is marked with its key number (1/88, 42/88, etc.) and fitted with a #6 Black Steel nib by JoWo of Germany, in a choice of widths. You have a choice of key numbers, but only one of each will be made.

Both editions include a keyboard-themed protective pen sleeve by Rickshaw Bagworks of San Francisco, a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the designer, John Hubbard, and a Schmidt K5 converter.
The pen can be filled with a standard international cartridge, or filled from a bottle using the included converter.
A tough Cerakote ceramic clearcoat covers the entire pen, providing a scratch-resistant glossy finish. This pen is meant to be used, not just admired!

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