Mars Rover Pen

Inspired by the accomplishments of our rovers, and

by the prospect of sending humans to Mars to explore.

The Mars Rover Pen is hand painted, then covered with a protective Cerakote clear ceramic coating. It is fitted with a Franklin-Christoph HPSteel Black nib. Included with the pen is a matching sleeve made by Rickshaw Bagworks of San Francisco, and a mini bottle of Colorverse “Martian” ink.

The standard nib width is Fine, but other widths are available, most at no extra cost. This is a Jowo #6 nib assembly with a custom black finish. The pen is also available as a capped rollerball, with a Schmidt ceramic rollerball refill.

The pen features the tracks of a rover spiraling up the barrel and cap, with details recalling the surface of Mars, with its landscape of rocks and sand. Somewhere on each pen appears the shadow of the Ingenuity helicopter. It is small, and just a shadow, so you may have to look carefully to discover it.

The pen is offered in two versions:
The Limited Edition: 47* pens, each numbered and signed by the artist – John Hubbard – with a Certificate of Authenticity, a matching pen sleeve, and an ink sample.
The Standard Edition: with a matching pen sleeve and an ink sample.

Included with both the Limited Edition and Standard Edition are: a matching pen sleeve made by Rickshaw Bagworks of San Francisco, and a 5ml bottle of Colorverse “Martian” ink

* Why 47 pens in the limited Edition? Because there have been 47 attempts (some unsuccessful) to date to place orbiters, landers, and rovers on or around Mars.

Prices are in US Dollars, and include mailing in the US.
International mailing at actual cost.
To order, please fill out and submit the form on the Order page.

  • Limited Edition Mars Rover fountain pen $270
  • Limited Edition Mars Rover rollerball pen $235
  • The Mars Rover fountain pen, standard edition $235
  • The Mars Rover rollerball pen, standard edition $195
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