The Moonwalk Pen

The Moonwalk Pen commemorates the six lunar landings by the Apollo program, and the twelve Astronauts who set foot on the moon. It is made of laser-hardened acrylic resin, then hand-painted to match the colors seen on the moon, and finally protected with a clear Cerakote ceramic coating.
It is fitted with a HPSteel Black #6 nib (JoWo) from Franklin-Christoph. Standard nib is Fine, but other widths are available on request. A matching pen sleeve by Rickshaw Bagworks of San Francisco and a Schmidt converter are included with each pen.

To order, please fill out the form on the Order page.

The Moonwalk Pen is now available at Lawren’s Gifts and at Mastermind Models and Miniatures at Lowe Mill in Huntsville, AL.

Artist’s Proof Edition Fountain Pen12 numbered and signed pens. $340 SOLD OUT Limited Edition Fountain Pen 50 numbered pens. $270 SOLD OUT
Standard Edition Fountain Pen – $235
Standard Edition Rollerball Pen – $195

Watch the video (3 minutes) about The Moonwalk Pen. Click this link:

All prices on this site are in US Dollars

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